Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hello Again!

Its been far to long since we last spoke (almost a year now)
and its with a sad heart that I’m writing my last public blog on the subject of Pencak Silat!

This may come as a shock to many of you who have supported my work for long time now, but after some deep thought, self reflection... and some huge changes in my personal life
I’ve decided that I will no longer pen my thoughts aloud on the subject of Silat.

In my time I`ve trained with some amazingly skilled persilats and Gurus... and some shit ones (You know who I mean), made some awesome friendships... and some shit ones  and have gotten ....very disheartened to say the least at the state of Pencak Silat as its portrayed and taught publicly here in the UK. Religion, politics, ego, money, lineage, internal backstabbing and in-fighting all these things ruin the arts that I love and I want no more part of that. A lot of gurus out there with the fat bellies and fatter wallets to match need to really think long and hard about what there “Teaching” and what there charging their students for. How some of them sleep at night with the shit they pass of as Silat amazes me, students paying over-inflated fees for something that frankly would get them killed outside of the matted dojo!

 With the exception of my brothers Alvin and Johnny, and friends Chris P, Kim, Vinnie, Eddie, Max, Chris C  and VERY few others, UK public Silat is a joke! and it breaks my heart to write it but its true. Most students are living in a land of “make believe” playing pirates or something.

Plus with the state of things in the world today and the continued "War on Privacy" I foresee a time where it will be illegal to even study fighting arts here in the UK of any worth. Anyone who can fight his way out of a paper bag will be rounded up and taken away! The State and the “darkness” behind already know enough of what I study.
I`ve had articles censored and taken down, Haters but mostly knobs and I’m now a little more careful about the information I put out there and who see's it.

I will still continue to study REAL Pencak Silat and always will, but I will now also put more time and energy into other "Tribal arts" free of the dogma and bullshit Silat in UK is quite frankly drowning in!

I will be continuing to blog on Google + in a very closed circle and my students (What few I have left) will be there too.

Anyone who as liked my ramblings and insights and expressions of REAL Silat over the years and who still wants to stay in touch can email me personally at and I'll add them to the Google + circle or come find me on Facebook.

Another half decent Silat player / Guru left with no other option than to melt away into the background, for fear of drowning in the bollocks of "Pulut Silat"

Terima Kasih

 Sion-marc Simpson

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